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MARCH 15    Copies of District By-Laws Submitted to Department Chairman and Department Committee Member overseeing your District by email.                                                   

MARCH 15    All teams must be pre-registered.

APRIL 1   Copy of District Tournament format and League format submitted to Department Chairman and Department Committee Member overseeing your district.

MAY 15             Deadline for Insurance Coverage.

Rosters must be submitted on line before first scheduled game. All 76s and 77s need to be properly approved before player is added to the roster.

 JUNE 20        Forward All National Entry Forms 2 and supporting documents and coaches code of ethics form to the District Chairman. (2 copies)

JUNE 25       Last date to make changes to roster

JUNE 28       All team rosters will be approved and submitted to National

JULY 1          District Chairman forward copies of National Form 2 and supporting documents to Dept. Committee Member overseeing your District

JULY 1           Forward complete team photo (senior and junior), with names, to Dept. Chairman and copy to Vice Chairman Finn. Teams not in compliance are not eligible for post season play.

2018 Tournament Dates


DEPARTMENT JR. TOURNAMENT – Arrive 7/26/18 – Utica, NY Start play 7/26-7/28

DEPARTMENT SR. TOURNAMENT - Arrive 7/27/18 – Utica, NY Start Play 7/28-8/1

REGIONAL TOURNAMENT - 8/8/18 thru 8/12/18 – Leesburg, VA

WORLD SERIES - 8/16/18 thru 8/21/18 - Shelby, NC