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District Director Positions

By GG, 09/07/21, 6:45AM EDT


Positions available throughout the State

The Department of New York American Legion Baseball Committee is seeking volunteers throughout New York State for the positions of District Baseball Director and District Baseball Administrator.

Skills needed:

  • Organizational; Communication; Leadership; Teamwork
  • Basic computer skills - no specific programs - login to website
  • Minimal baseball knowledge (additional experience is a plus but not required)
  • Preference to American Legion Baseball Alumni (there is no requirement to be a Legionnaire)

District Baseball Director, as defined in the Department of NY bylaws, is an individual appointed by the Baseball Committee to oversee and supervise the district baseball program, under the general rules/regulations of the Department Baseball Committee. 

The Director has the following responsibilities.

  • Update and revise District bylaws as needed
  • Assist in getting teams registered properly and eligible for league play
  • Set up and supervise league
  • Review all National Form 2 with supporting papers for district teams
  • Rule upon all protests and rule interpretations within the district
  • Review and approve waivers
  • Arrange for and conduct a District Championship Tournament

The District Administrator would assist the Director in any or all responsibilities as determined by the Director.

With an alumni base that includes more than half of current Major League Baseball players, American Legion Baseball is one of the most prominent and tradition-rich amateur athletic leagues in existence.

Help youth in your area have a competitive, safe, fun, challenging place to hone and improve their baseball skills and learn life lessons, creating both better athletes and better people.

Send an email with your contact information to to find out more.

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