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315 to the Show

By Franklin Padilla, 07/11/22, 7:15PM EDT


Zach Vennaro Profile

Not everyone gets dealt the best hand, but what are you going to do about it? Fold, or play them out? Over the years the 315 has produced immense talent that has excelled at the high school and collegiate level. There have been a handful of players who went on to sign professional and affiliate contracts. A notable example of a 315 product who played his cards right is Zach Vennaro. Born and raised in New Hartford, NY, Zach saw himself competing at an elevated level from when he was just a kid. Zach played with NY Mills and the CNY Pioneers growing up. Then at the age of 14, Vennaro made a life changing decision to start playing American Legion ball. His legion career was guided by coach Mike Macchione “Skip” who is now Department of NY Baseball Charmain. “Skip ran a tight ship” Vennaro said as he credited Mike’s coaching to his success at the collegiate level. Being able to learn from the older guys on his team he was able to gain experience and advice quickly.

Starting at Juco powerhouse Monroe Community College, Zach, even though having individual and team success struggled in the classroom. He worked his tail off taking summer classes and got his grades up to the point where schools started to reach out to him. That is when he ended up going on a visit to the University of Mount Olive and fell in love. Mount Olive was a suitable place for Zach to compete at the highest level of division 2 baseball and he succeeded there taking in division 2 All-America honors his senior year. Now in the Milwaukee Brewers farm system Zach takes every day as an opportunity to get better whether it is mound work, stretching, mobility, or a light catch. During our phone interview I heard the confidence in his voice when I asked him what a young player should focus on if he/she wants to play and succeed at the collegiate and professional level in which he replied, “Be yourself, find out what you’re good at and dominate at that.”

To all the young players out there who want to be like Bryce Harper and Mike Trout, I say be like Zach Vennaro